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Case Study - 177th Fighter Wing

Automates and reduces structural challenges in command communications to Reserve and Guard personnel

through application-based technology.

Eliminates the Reserve and Guard's reliance on 3rd-party applications (for example Slack and Signal)

for on and off-duty communications.

Reduces the load on Airmen to engage with multiple AF/DOD technology platforms that require CAC

access, especially while away from drill.

Adds efficiency and accuracy to the command's administrators that are responsible for readiness activities- for example, automated appointment making for Medical/Dental Group - the resulting efficiencies being equivalent to an additional Admin.

Reduces no-shows to readiness and training activities by 60% via the deconfliction of an Airman's schedule in real-time.

Delivers reminders and tasks to Airmen in real-time that can be triggered by time, place (geolocation) or role.

The mission impact of our Readiness platform on the Air Force and the Department of Defense provides the Air Force with the following strategic capability and otherwise strengthens the execution of the National Defense Strategy:

  • Increase command's overall preparedness by increasing individual and squadron readiness and providing a low-friction, real time communication channel among leadership, command and airmen.

  • Reduce a command's response time to emergent taskings.

  • Re-capture a significant amount of invested time from administrative duties for most stakeholders, specifically in positions that will most likely not receive additional staffing, resulting in more time for other critical activities.

  • Improve the Air Forces' ability to project power through AFR and ANG forces.

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