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Case Study #1 - Legacy Treatment Services

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WorkMerk partners with Health and Human Services clients like Legacy Treatment Services to provide innovative technology solutions that support the health & safety of their clients, while improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their workforce who are in the service of people with complex medical, genetic, and behavioral health challenges.

With over three million employee entries to date our technology platform assists clients with:

  • Mobilize & digitize overnight bed check logs and end of shift checklists

  • Reduction of critical incidents (specifically 3rd shift AWOLS)

  • Pairing checks with barcodes and geofencing (verification)

  • State compliance

  • Fraud prevention

  • Real time visibility into employee performance

  • Employee engagement

  • Increased parent and patient satisfaction

  • Monthly reporting of measurable results

Testimonials - Legacy Treatment Services

"We regularly evaluate advances in technology that we believe can help us deliver our mission to change the social service and behavioral health outcomes of people of all ages.


WorkMerk was a phenomenal solution I have to tell you in all of my years of doing this, 26 in fact, WorkMerk has been the best technological advancement that we've seen in residential care in that time in essence what we are able to do is we are able to geofence our bed checks so that they cannot be falsified and we're able through positive reinforcement in the WorkMerk app we're able to encourage our staff to do their bed checks according to policy safety and procedure."

Roy Leistein

CEO of Legacy Treatment Centers

Screenshot 2023-08-03 205531.png
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