You’ve heard the expression

‘No Pain. No Gain’

Right now, you’re imagining the scrawny kid at the local gym who’s pumping iron and reassuring himself that this short-term pain will yield big-term gains. Now, instead of that tired cliché, picture your business and determine what’s separating it from greatness. 


Patent Preparation and Prosecution

At WorkMerk,

our consulting team will help identify and solve your biggest organizational pains, which we call solving for your ‘X’. 


What does this mean? With our experienced organizational and technical teams, we’ll work with you to eliminate the business waste and inefficiencies that are preventing your company from achieving greatness. 


We provide needs assessment, change management, implementation and customization to help solve for common pains, such as


Employee retention 

Organizational communication issues  

Stagnate profit 


The road to efficiency might sound daunting, but it’s not.


Contact us to learn how our seasoned team can help you remove the organizational pain and get to financial gain by through the use of wearables, custom learning management systems, and consultations. 





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