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Success is its own reward.

It's true.  We've got a bunch of geeks in our lab who've spent countless hours developing patent pending technology.  Those same geeks also configure custom solutions for companies that help identify gaffes in your process and optimize your workflow using sensors, wearable and mobile technology.  "Now what?" You might ask. Our configurable dashboard organizes your data and helps you predict future success.

The Guide

on your side


We designed the WorkMerk Mate specifically to:

Improve Culture


Lower Costs

Improve employee retention 

Hit on your KPIs

How can management bridge the physcial and digital divide to get a real-time pulse on customers and employees?   

They come to us for solutions. That's why we designed the WorkMerk mate. It's not a phone. It's not just another piece of technology to complicate life.  It's cuts through the noise and empowers employees at the moment of truth. 

We know what you're thinking. A watch can't do that alone.


You're right. Technology is only as good as the strategy behind it. Together, we'll analyze your organization's inefficiencies, develop technology-driven solutions, and provide measurable results showing you the improvement.   

How does
it work?

The WorkMate has patented technology enabling the wearer to work hands-free, while being fully connected to the organization. 

Through a system of: 


Push/pull notifications

Live Polling


Data syncing for KPIs

Voice dictation 

The communication and learning strategies we developed with you is infused within the watch, transforming it into the most advanced business optimization device on the market.   

Your employees acquire Workmerk Bitmerit as they accomplish tasks and games. It turns learning and reinforcing from a menial task into something fun and enjoyable.  


will never feel abandoned or alone as they strive for success, and you'll have the ability to stay in touch with your customers, employees, and stakeholders like never before.

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