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CASE STUDY: 10 National and Simultaneous Experiential Workshops

Clients: Society of Human Resources Managers (SHRM) Foundation, Starbucks, and PsychArmor


Adaptability Need:

Help companies become vet-ready thereby improving veteran retention and productivity.

Solution Needs:

  1. SHRM wanted to launch their 2018 Vet-ready Program.
  2. Psych Armor has vet-ready digital curriculum, but wanted to bring their content to life in in-person workshops.
  3. Starbucks wanted to offer veteran-focused experiences for Veterans Day.

Creative Solution:

WorkMerk coordinated, programmed, and executed 10 simultaneous in-person workshops across the US at key Starbucks locations leveraging PyschArmor’s curriculum. WorkMerk qualified, prepared, and deployed veterans at each location to host the workshops. Content was captured and a marketing video was created for SHRM to promote their thought leadership and action-oriented brand.