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Capabilities Statement

Our Flagship application and portal live up to its name by providing solutions to clients in a variety of industries including Health and Human Services, Facilities Management, and Hospitality.

Regardless of industry our reporting and communication platform ensures task verification, employee performance indicators, risk mitigation, on-the-go training, and adherence to company protocols are achieved. 

Our Flagship features play an important role whether you are caring for individuals with serious health challenges, operating a chain of restaurants, or managing multiple building complexes.

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  • Messaging: Communicate real-time critical updates to your people in the field.

  • Digitized Checklists: Ensure the right things are completed at the right time, ensuring adherence to SoPs. 

  • Issue Reporting: Allows you to documents issues in the field and ensures they are completed in a timely fashion.

  • Micro-Learning: Provides just-in time training and quick refresher training. Combats the forgetting curve.

  • Work Chat: Enables real-time communication among employees, using a company-owned platform. No personal phone numbers needed.

  • Repository of SoPs, Protocols Etc: Ensure all employees have the latest procedures, updates, and documentation. Eliminates paper and outdated information.

  • Barcode and Geofencing: For validation of completed tasks.

  • IoT sensor Alerts: Automatically notifies you when certain work-environment thresholds are triggered.

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