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Capabilities Statement

Our Guardian application and portal provide a reporting and communication platform for security and safety officers to perform their duties while on site and on patrol. They do not have to return to headquarters to enter data into a desktop. All reporting and observations are completed on site, saving valuable time and money.

Officers can provide first-person-reporting and do not have to dictate their report to a Radio Dispatch worker to transcribe.

Using our BOLO Alerts features, critical information and photographs of at-large suspects can be sent to officers while on site.

Our Guardian application can be used by many industries, including Healthcare Facilities and Medical Centers, Universities, Law Enforcement, Transit Police Departments, even Shopping Malls and Event Spaces.

Security Guard
Security Room


  • Messaging: Communicate real-time critical updates to your people in the field.

  • Daily Patrol / Rounds: Document location-specific activities and ensure adherence to Sops.

  • Vehicle Inspections: Ensure your vehicles are in working condition and available for patrols.

  • Incident Reporting: Capture all aspects of a critical incident while onsite. Document in first person, collect names and contact information of all parties involved, and attach critical photos of the scene. Immediately and automatically alert designated remote individuals of serious incidents such as workplace violence.

  • Reporting: A robust reporting platform to identify trends.

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