I want to increase my enrollment.


  • Do you want an additional marketing pipeline that pays you for each new lead?
  • Do you want to increase your reach without increasing your costs?
  • Are you looking for a fresh and modern approach to increasing enrollment?
  • Are you interested in expanding your national presence?


We work with higher education providers to accredit accelerated in-person workshops. This means that individuals in different businesses, government entities, and non-profits can develop a relationship with your Master's program through our workshops.



We work with your team to plan a path to higher graduate enrollment using workshops to open the door to new leads. We match our network of business clients and subject matter experts with your institution to extend your direct reach.

Let's upgrade your plan for reaching learners who never thought they had time for Master’s credit?



Our marketing experts promote the opportunity beyond your local area and give your institution a national presence and reach.

Would you like to extend your national reach and directly engage with businesses and students?



We handle all aspects of workshop execution and lead generation. Your new students gain relevant experience from industry leaders to upgrade their skills and advance their careers through accelerated hands-on workshops. Students leave workshops with your credit and a higher affinity for your brand which ultimately grows your Master’s student enrollment.

Let us open a new pipeline of engaged leads to your Master's program.