When Employees Feel Rewarded, Employers Also Reap The Rewards.

Two-thirds of employees think their company's existing training programs fail to improve business performance.  Distractions are the new norm, and gone are the days of a two-hour onboarding session that actually sinks in.


Learning in a distracted world requires information in small doses, delivered at the moment of truth, in a format that is most relevant to your employees.  


WorkMerk's custom learning solutions do just this, and nudge your employees to success.  We adapt your onboarding and ongoing training to be engaging, deliver it on a modern learning management system and use a responsive interface and gamification that makes work more rewarding for your employees. We also deliver our Core courses which are designed to build emotional intelligence by strengthening your employees' mental core and pair this with custom content created specifically for your business's objectives.  


READ  -  This is science, not fiction. 

Your Subscription To Adaptability

Helping Employees Adapt, Ascend & Thrive 


The WorkMerk Learning Management Solution is a robust

platform that can easily and cost

effectively deliver and track

training so you can focus on what

matters most, your people!


Just like there are several exercises to build your physical.core, our Core library is chock-full of courses designed to build your mental core. We’ll help you tone

the so skills necessary to be



We know your organiza

on is unique, and your training program should be as well. Our instructional designers will work with you to create or adapt your existing training materials to be engaging and interactive.

Micro-eLearning Modules include learning activities

(single modules, videos)

Learning Plans

(collection of modules to create a course),

and Learning Pathways

(collection of Learning Plans)

that have been assigned to the user


Assignment of specific

courses to users


Track involvement and participation

Ability to set the order in which users consume the content

We can create custom badges for your custom courses


We can also create and/or upload copies of certificates such as continuing education certificates

Gamification makes it fun!

A leaderboard shows the standings for all of your learners to encourage healthy competition

Ability to create: quizzes, surveys, and assessments

My Library:

Your organization’s unique Course Catalog and Resources

Option to create:

custom certificates for Continuing Education Credit tracking

News Feed:

Allows users to interact with each other and post content


Provided through instant Feedback “Star” ratings as well as a more in-depth course evaluation for each course

Hope is Not a Strategy.

Custom content can be expensive and time consuming to produce. There's nothing worse than 'hoping' your content is viewed.

With our Learning Management Systems, you can track who's viewed the learning material and for how long.  


Every organization's problems are unique, which is why our solutions can be custom-tailored to suit your needs. Please contact us for a free consultation and demonstration. 


94% of


72% of


69% of


say they would be motivated

to engage with relevant online learning content

featuring company leadership or management

are more likely to stay

with an organization for 3+ years with a great

onboarding experience.

say they would

stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development.

Make Time for Learning​.

Research shows that custom content is a key motivator for employees to engage in online learning. Break out your smartphone and provide the unique access, insights, and context employees crave!




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