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Adaptable Learning Solutions for Modern Legal Professionals

WorkMerk is super excited to announce two related milestones in our company's growth:

1. The launch of the latest iteration of our learning solutions platform, WorkMerk Learn. 2. The deployment of The Veterans Consortium's Federal Appellate Program.

How fitting for our first Learning Solutions client to see us into the next stage of our development!

Since 1992, The Veterans Consortium has provided pro bono representation to veterans in nearly 50,000 cases between 4,000+ attorneys across the country. Their credo says it all: "At The Veterans Consortium, we believe our Veterans-our nation's defenders-deserve the care, benefits, and compensation they were promised, and the best legal services free of charge to meet their challenges."

When we were approached by TVC in mid-2018, for their first engagement, the Discharge Upgrade Program, we were presented with the opportunity to use our instructional design expertise to deliver a scalable solution. We transformed the required content into engaging and interactive eLearning and delivered it on a mobile-responsive platform to onboard pro-bono lawyers. As a result, TVC has been able to help more veterans.

In the years to come, TVC will be able to reduce the required effort to onboard and train new volunteers-leading to greater expansion and quality legal representation for more of the country's veterans, helping them receive the benefits they deserve.

Our learning solutions, coupled with military-grade execution, minimize the need for in-person events, extended travel, and inconsistent presentations. The result is replicable, scalable, and an infinitely-accessible high-quality learning experience.

We can't claim total victory in bringing legal training, with all its juridical subtleties and ancient statutes, fully into the modern age; however, we are tilting the scales in the right direction.

At the end of this and every day, WorkMerk is grateful to The Veterans Consortium for the opportunity to support those who are producing winning results and achieving great outcomes for veterans and their families.

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