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Are Gyms Giving Their Members Peace of Mind to Return?

Gyms Struggling with Dwindling Consumer Confidence

Until recently, gym-goers in many states have been deprived of their precious workout time. For many who frequent the gym, a lack of exercise in a normal routine has been a real struggle. Now that states have begun to loosen restrictions, some gyms have finally begun opening back up again. Despite safety measures being taken by many establishments, not everyone is eager to go back right away.

In fact, according to Morning Consult’s July 6th update on consumer comfort levels with leisure activities, only 18% of Americans are comfortable going to gyms. This number is actually down 3% from the week before, suggesting consumer faith in gyms is decreasing. So what exactly is causing this trend, and can gyms do to reverse it?

Non-Compliance and the Rise in COVID-19 Cases

One of the biggest reasons gyms, and various other industries face low consumer confidence levels is due to the rise in Coronavirus cases. As of June 30th, 22 states paused their reopening plans or took new steps to limit the spread of COVID-19. According to the article, one of the biggest issues noted in several states was compliance.

The reality is that some people and businesses are not following the proper safety procedures put in place by the government meant to keep people safe. Dr. Raul Pino from the Florida Department of Health in Orange County said gyms can potentially be risky, especially if they’re packed, because when people are working out they breathe more heavily and they’re more likely to exhale respiratory droplets that could enter another person’s mouth or nose (Article)

It is extremely important that these businesses follow the latest safety guidelines and protocols to keep people safe. Not only will this help gain consumer confidence and get people feeling better about coming back to gyms, but more importantly, it will help slow the spread of COVID-19.

For those asking themselves, “Is my gym safe? Is it following the latest safety guidelines?” Look for the check - VirusSAFE Pro can help provide peace of mind about the health and safety protocols being followed where they workout. Our software helps gyms reinforce and implement safety protocols that help keep customers safe. With our check mark VirusSAFE Pro window decal in a gym’s window, consumers can be confident businesses are maintaining compliance, which means more comfort and peace of mind.

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