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Businesses Focus on Implementation Plans for Reopening

As America Reopens, there’s a lot of attention being paid to just how businesses are planning to do it. On June 10, The Wall Street Journal covered how the restaurant industry is grappling with the myriad issues involved with opening in accordance with government-mandated protocols, as well as keeping customers and employees safe and happy:

“One of their biggest challenges, [restaurant chains] say, is parsing the sometimes conflicting, sometimes minute guidelines set out by governments and chain owners. McDonald’s franchisees must follow a 59-page guide the chain created. Arby’s the roast-beef sandwich chain owned by private-equity backed Inspire Brands, issued a 96-page guide to franchisees last month.”

For any business, trying to implement all the federal, state, and local government guidelines is an immense task, and that’s one of the reasons why WorkMerk partnered with TV Chef Robert Irvine - to address the challenges small businesses are facing, and to provide easy-to-use solutions.

The popular TV personality and long-time friend of WorkMerk’s co-founders John New and Patrick Murphy, explained how they’ve come together to help businesses in a recent article published at

“I’ve partnered with fellow military veteran entrepreneurs at WorkMerk on the launch of  VirusSAFE Pro, a software solution that provides verification in real-time that workers are complying with mandated measures and protocols so customers can be confident that their wellness is a top priority.”

VirusSAFE Pro is a user-friendly software that closes the information gap in the workplace by providing health and safety checklists and reminders to employee mobile phones in a timely manner. An easy-to-read dashboard provides managers verification in real-time that employees are following and performing all mandated measures and protocols. VirusSAFE Pro standardizes and validates compliance with up to date guidelines from OSHA, CDC, and NIH.

Irvine was also quoted this week in FSR Magazine, an online publication reporting on the foodservice industry:

"Businesses—and restaurants in particular—have been dealt a very tough hand in this pandemic," Irvine said. "But we've heard all the doom and gloom. This is the solution. We might not be able to dictate our circumstances, but we can control how we choose to react. For businesses that are ready to get back to serving their customers in the safest way possible—and give those customers real peace of mind in the process— VirusSAFE Pro represents the best way out of this crisis, and back to our way of life. There's nothing else like it, and I'm proud to stand behind it."

If your business is looking to get back to serving your customers in a healthy and safe way, and you would like to learn more, please visit, or if you would like to receive a free demo of the VirusSAFE Pro app, please contact Bill Tyrrell at

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