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Client Spotlight

Since our inception, we have been committed to motivating and creating winning habits in the workforce in a number of different verticals.

Our configurable suite of services that include VirusSAFE Pro, WorkSMART and LearnSMART are being used by clients to provide certification and verification of completed tasks while improving staff efficiency and productivity and providing ongoing training.

Our love for our clients runs deep. They are family.

Upper Merion

Upper Merion Township is one of our newest clients. This community, in Southeastern, PA, utilizes our VirusSAFE Pro software to keep its township buildings safe.

We’ve helped them to digitize their standard operating procedures in an effort to provide real time, actionable information to ensure that the latest safety and sanitation guidance is followed. Through our partnership, we’ve helped them provide community facing information about their commitment to the health and safety of the people that live and work in Upper Merion Township, and this has provided them with much needed peace of mind.

Upper Merion continues to lead the charge as the client in our system with the highest percentage of checklist completion. The end-to-end solution of digitizing efforts, motivating staff, providing needed verification and giving the community peace of mind has had a positive impact!

AIM Academy

“Parents expect AIM Academy to provide the best possible environment for their students. VirusSAFE Pro ensures that no Covid protocol slips through the cracks.”

  • Mike Brooks, Director of Campus & Community Life

AIM Academy is a 1st-12th grade private school located in Conshohocken, PA that utilizes our VirusSAFE EDU software to promote a safe environment for students and staff.

AIM has utilized a mix of daily checklists to make sure no protocol slips through the cracks. It is no surprise that continuously changing regulations, virtual learning and a host of other Covid-19 related issues has made running a school difficult. AIM has continued to adapt and thrive and has found that digitizing their efforts has given them one thing that they can be certain of.

Polyvel Inc.

Polyvel is a plastic fabrication company in Hammonton, NJ. They manufacture specialized additive masterbatches for the polymer industry, and we’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with them since the end of September.

They utilize our VirusSAFE Pro software to make sure their production facilities stay clean in order to mitigate the risk of Covid. We have worked diligently with them to digitize their tasks and procedures. So far Polyvel has utilized 24 daily tasks/checklists, and they’ve maintained a weekly completion rate of 80-95%!

It’s been a pleasure doing business with them, and we are excited to continue working with them for the foreseeable future!

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