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Coronavirus Outbreaks Occurring at Several Universities

Current In-person Learning Troubles

You’ve probably seen the recent news on coronavirus outbreaks in colleges and schools across the country. Outbreaks at schools with in-person learning are growing, and with students and faculty members continuing to contract the disease, it doesn’t seem like this problem will be going away soon.

Recently, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill became the first University to shift to online classes after attempting one week of in-person classes. At the university, there were already at least four different outbreaks in student living spaces and over 130 reported cases.

In addition to UNC, Notre Dame also began in person learning as well. Since their move-in on August 3rd, the university has had over 400 confirmed cases of the coronavirus.

What can be done?

While universities have adopted safety protocols and procedures, the reality is that some faculty still don’t feel safe teaching in their current environment. Also, parents want to know that the school is doing all they can to mitigate risk and keep their children physically and mentally healthy. Universities should work to follow the latest government guidelines and protocols set forth by organizations like the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). It is imperative for universities to follow these guidelines and communicate them so that students and faculty members can be safe coming to the classroom and classes can remain in session.

VirusSAFE EDU can help in this process. By providing the latest government protocols and procedures and by checking and verifying that all sanitization and safety implementation efforts are made, the software can help schools prevent the virus from spreading. This can help lead to increased peace of mind that everything is being done to make these learning environments as safe as possible.

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