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Flattening ‘The Forgetting Curve’ & Re-Opening Your Business

Updated: May 19, 2020

As businesses around the country evaluate how to best re-open, they will have to help their employees adapt in new and never-before anticipated ways. New procedures, protocols and mandates designed to help keep employees and customers safe from Covid-19 will have to be learned and implemented. In work environments that can be uncertain and even intimidating to some, new habits and behaviors will be encouraged and required in order to gain the public’s trust and confidence.

In the midst of all this, many workers will be easily overwhelmed and distracted, and they will forget to perform certain procedures. As our CEO John New puts it in the video below, “It’s not that Johnny is dumb, it’s not that Johnny doesn’t care, and it's not that he’s not internally motivated… it’s that he forgets.” This is called the Forgetting Curve, and it can cause employees to forget key tasks if not addressed properly.

The good news is that WorkMerk’s new VirusSAFE Pro software can help reduce the Forgetting Curve and reinforce winning habits for your workforce. By continually educating and nudging workers while they’re on the job, VirusSAFE Pro helps businesses get ahead of the Forgetting Curve and helps workers avoid mistakes that routinely happen simply because of human nature.

VirusSAFE Pro can facilitate continued Covid-19 containment and safety by reminding workers about key tasks and by validating that protocols and procedures have been successfully completed. This improves health safety for your team and your customers, and mitigates risk for your company.

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