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VirusSAFE Pro: Checklists, Performance and Issue Resolution

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

VirusSAFE Pro is a software that helps keep your work environments safe for your employees and your customers and limits risks to your business. It does this by verifying that cleaning and sanitation compliance protocols are being implemented on schedule.

There are two elements to the VSP software

  1. A mobile application for employees allowing access to relevant health safety learning materials and to record the completion of cleaning tasks and any health issues seen on-site.

  2. A web-based portal for management to track the completion of safety protocols

The main focus of this article will be on the mobile application.

Information Section

The Info section of the app is a repository of news, standard operating procedures and training documents that are relevant to your business or industry. They can contain links to articles or videos, or can be an uploaded document or PDF that you want your app users to see.

Under the information section, employees have access to relevant news, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and training materials that are relevant to their business or industry.

In the news section, mandated policies and protocols from government agencies such as the CDC, NIH and OSHA can be uploaded. This will allow your employees to quickly have access to important safety protocols at a moment's notice. See some of the screenshots nearby for a restaurant industry customer.

In the Standard Operating Procedures section, employees can read about how to do certain operating tasks like daily health screenings or opening or closing for the day.

Finally, in the training section, employees have access to relevant training materials in the palm of their hand. In other words, they can instantly have access to training videos and articles related to important tasks they may need to complete on the job.

Overall, this Info section provides a store of key health and safety information for employees to have at all times so that they can do their job right.

Checklist Section

Checklists allow for accurate cleaning records to be confirmed and help ensure that safety measures are being followed. They provide proven audit trails so that consumers can have peace of mind that the business using our software is doing everything they can to stay safe. An overview of typical checklists can be seen below. Here, employees can see what tasks are complete and which tasks had any difficulties.

With Checklists, employees can answer a set of 10 yes or no questions or provide a simple yes or no check that refers to an existing operating procedure (like if the front end of the store was cleaned properly or not). Below is an example of one of the more lengthy checklists.

At the end of checklists, additional notes with supporting details can either be typed or voiced in to provide helpful information. This can help stores can make note of any other items related to that checklist that deserve a closer look.

Every checklist requires a signature at the bottom and automatically captures the geolocation of the individual completing the checklist. These two measures help confirm who completed each task and whether or not they were in fact there at that time.

As soon as this checklist information is captured, it immediately shows up on VSP online portal. The portal then gives managers access to a dashboard that provides historical and daily verification of critical health-safety tasks for every area of the property.

Performance Section

The performance tab shows a quick view of how well your employees are doing with completing assigned checklists. This can help highlight compliance or can also help employees and managers be aware of poor performance so that they correct this.

Issues Section

With the Issues tab, employees can report any problems they encounter while going about their day. Pictures can be annotated to point out a specific problem and issues can be marked as either regular or urgent to help distinguish what things need immediate attention or not.

When a business or venue utilizes VirusSAFE Pro technology, employees and guests will have the confidence of knowing that the venue cares about their health and safety.

If you would like to receive a free demo of the VirusSAFE Pro app, please contact Bill Tyrrell at

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