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What’s Your Plan for Re-Opening?

Our national discussion, to varying degrees at the political and commercial levels, has now moved to “Are we ready and able to re-open?"

Large corporations, small businesses and state and local municipalities are shifting from surviving and refining operations in “the new normal” driven by Shelter-in-Place directives, to now considering and developing what an actual plan for re-opening looks like, even if it is in gradual stages in the weeks and months ahead.

Demonstrating a Seriousness of Purpose

The leaders of all types of organizations and businesses will, by necessity, have to consider how serious they are about adapting their practices to keep their personnel and their customers safe and healthy in the work environments and public spaces for which they are responsible.  Workers and consumers will be watching carefully, so leaders will also have to determine whether they will commit to demonstrating this seriousness of purpose by having a verifiable process and auditable record that government-mandated or corporate health/safety policies and protocols are followed.

If you’re a leader with this seriousness of purpose, then we at WorkMerk are ready to support you in your efforts.  Our VirusSAFE Pro mobile technology provides workplace checklists and task reminders that help personnel perform health and safety compliance measures on schedule, including instant reporting of potentially dangerous situations, documented, with time date stamped, and with accompanying photo if necessary.  Our software also provides Verification in the form of a validated and auditable digital record that proper precautions and reasonable preventative measures were taken and that all stated policies were adhered to, providing powerful proof of corporate responsibility.

Are You a Tier 1 Leader?

A historic shift is about to take place, and the American consumer will drive it.  When it comes to re-emerging and entering a public space, consumers will be more discerning and more skeptical than ever.  They will reward those who demonstrate that their health and safety is taken seriously, and they will be unforgiving to those who don’t. 

Tier 1 leaders understand this and are already making the choices and developing the plans that recommit, in new ways, to protecting not only their customers, as well as the investments they’ve already made in their people, and their established processes and training.   

At WorkMerk, we’re pretty serious about getting the country re-opened, and we have technology that will help get it done: Technology that helps people do their best work by driving good habits and helping individuals adapt and thrive with information and encouragement that is timely and relevant.

There has never been a time that has required this level of adaptability, and it’s this unique quality that will separate winners from the losers, the leaders from those left behind.

Are you ready to adapt and thrive?  If you’re a leader with the seriousness of purpose we have, please fill out the form and we will provide you with a free consult. We’re ready to help you.

The 80/20 Rule

Success is all about good habits, and Tier 1 leaders understand that winning habits lead to better outcomes. Sometimes even the best workers need to be reminded of the fundamentals.

In this video, WorkMerk CEO and Co-Founder John New elaborates on a twist on The 80/20 Rule:  Neuroscience tells us that 80% of what we do is rote, and 20% of what we do is contextual.

When leaders can reinforce good habits combined with contextual feedback, information becomes actionable, and good habits and success become the norm!

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