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Capabilities Statement

Our Readiness application and portal provide a communication platform to engage Reservists and Guardsmen with the ultimate goal of deployment preparedness. Reservists and Guardsmen now have a way to actively participate in scheduling pre and post deployment physicals, check ups, immunizations, etc.

Our Readiness platform increases a command's overall readiness by increasing individual and squadron readiness and providing a low-friction, real-time communication channel among leadership, command, and airmen.


  • Messaging: Timely reminders and tasks can be delivered to Airmen in real-time that can be triggered by time, place (geolocation) or role.

  • Scheduling: Supervisors can also take an active roll in the scheduling process by reserving their team's availability or blocking out time so their group/squadron cannot be scheduled for any appointments. This has proven to positively impact appointment no shows and cancellations.

  • The Readiness Training and Experience Repository provides a means to maintain a searchable database of an Airmen's civilian and military experience, training, licenses, and designations for rapid query.

  • Administration: Readiness adds efficiency and accuracy to the command's administrators that are responsible for readiness activities - for example, automated appointment making for Medical/Dental Group - the resulting efficiencies being equivalent to an additional Admin.

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