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Welcome to the VirusSAFE Pro Resources page.  We adapted our existing workforce management software to support organizations as they strive to keep their work and public environments safe.  VirusSAFE Pro offers effective and timely communication of workplace checklists and mandated protocols, and also provides task verification that mitigates risk and protects your company from financial losses.  Scroll below to learn more about VirusSAFE Pro.



VirusSAFE Pro Introduction

Patrick J. Murphy is former Under Secretary of the Army and WorkMerk’s co-founder and Executive Chairman. As we confront the Coronavirus crisis, Murphy explains that WorkMerk's “VirusSafe Pro” app empowers an organization’s managers to effectively plan and manage workplace safety by ensuring that their personnel receives in real-time updated safety checklists and health safety communications that have updated policies and protocols. It also gives managers access to a dashboard that provides historical and daily verification of critical health safety tasks like cleaning of common spaces, door handles, and countertops. VirusSafe Pro has zero-fee enrollment for new clients, including a month of free access to the software’s checklist and task verification features. ​

The Forgetting Curve & VirusSAFE Pro

Less than 10% of what is learned is retained after just seven days.  Learn how WorkMerk’s new VirusSAFE Pro app can help reinforce winning habits for your workforce... 

VirusSAFE Pro Product Sheet 

Click the PDF to view product sheet or for more information. Verticals we specialize in:

Real Estate
Health Care
State & Local Goverment
Federal Goverment
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Click image to download

VirusSAFE Pro Installation & Use

Get a quick tutorial of how to install the new VirusSAFE Pro app on your device, as well as an overview of many of the app’s features

Have a specific question? Need a certain feature?

WorkMerk Adapts its Workforce Management Software

With Coronavirus Concerns on the Rise, WorkMerk Adapts its Workforce Management Software to Support Organizations As They Prepare to Keep Work and Public Environments Safe....


Duty of Care

Making the right way the easy way ensures that corporate “Duty of Care” responsibilities will be addressed by frontline workers in small businesses, large corporations, local municipalities and government agencies ahead of their lawyers.  Watch WorkMerk CEO John New share his thoughts on “Duty of Care” and how our new VirusSAFE Pro solution can help mitigate risk and prevent losses from litigation claims and other health-related issues stemming from the Coronavirus before they begin to grow.

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