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virusSAFE Pro

Address Coronavirus concerns with mobile technology that helps keep your work and public environments safe for your personnel and customers.

Our workforce management software simply and effectively closes the information gap in the workplace, helps build good habits, and validates task completion.   

virusSAFE Pro Core Features

Our mobile technology provides workplace checklists and task reminders that help workers perform health and safety compliance measures on schedule. 

Close the information gap in the workplace by giving your workers a dedicated source of credible instructions in a timely manner.

Help build good habits and validate compliance with health and wellness standards.

Easy to read dashboard & cumulative analytics for management to review.

Provide regular safety and health messaging and confirm that approved protocols have been performed.

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VirusSafe Pro empowers an organization’s managers to effectively plan and manage workplace safety by ensuring that their personnel receive in real-time updated safety checklists and health safety communications that have updated policies and protocols. 


Installation & Use

Kate Robertson

I've never seen our restaurant so clean. Our managers use this tool everyday-every hour.

Jackie Foody

We've had trouble keeping our school "up to par" with cleaning, now everybody has their own checklist to use, it's great!

John Sullivan

With everything going on now, it's nice to have a tool to use where nothing gets missed and shows historical results for accountability.


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