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virusSAFE Pro for Hospitality

Your clients will be looking to you as their partner and gatekeeper in selecting and securing VENUES, TRANSPORTATION and RESTAURANTS that are clean and safe for their attendees.  


Address Coronavirus concerns with mobile technology that helps keep work and public environments safe for personnel and customers.

Welcome Meeting Planners!


Your clients will be looking to you as their partner and gatekeeper in selecting and securing venues, transportation and restaurants that are clean and safe for their attendees.  

As we re-emerge STRONGER AND SAFER, consider the following:

  • Do we think that all venues will have new SAFETY AND SANITATION protocols in place?

  • How can we be assured that protocols are being followed? Can we then translate that information to gain our clients’ confidence, and to shield them from liability and risk?

  • Are we not in a postion to demand that our environments are safe & secure for our guests?

VirusSAFE Pro Verifies Venue

Our mobile technology provides workplace checklists and task reminders that help venue personnel perform health and safety compliance measures on schedule. 

Offers workplace checklists & Proven audit trails for verification and peace of mind. 

Provides task verification that guides workers to perform timely health and safety compliance measures. 

Posts mandated policies and protocols from government agencies such as the CDC and OSHA 

Gives managers access to a dashboard that provides historical and daily verification of critical health-safety tasks such as cleaning common spaces, door handles and countertops. 

When a venue utilizes VirusSAFE Pro technology, you and your clients will have the confidence of knowing that the venue cares about the health and safety of its guests. 

Share VirusSAFE Pro with your partner venues and ask them if they have a health safety verification solution that proves they care about the well-being of your client and their people!

VirusSAFE Pro EMPOWERS an organization’s managers to effectively PLAN AND MANAGE workplace safety by ensuring that their personnel receive in REAL-TIME UPDATED safety checklists and health safety COMMUNICATIONS that have updated policies and protocols. 


Installation & Use

Kate Robertson

I've never seen our restaurant so clean. Our managers use this tool everyday-every hour.

Jackie Foody

We've had trouble keeping our school "up to par" with cleaning, now everybody has their own checklist to use, it's great!

John Sullivan

With everything going on now, it's nice to have a tool to use where nothing gets missed and shows historical results for accountability.


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