John New



"Our time on this planet is finite and what we do in that time is our choice. To go through life and not do what you love is a disservice to not only ourselves, but to all of us. Learn to do what you love."


A proven vetrenpreneur and workplace disruptor, New is now advancing the evolution of the workforce as the founder of WorkMerk. He was co-founder and CEO of The Hub before exiting in 2016– an innovative “3rd Space” provider that accommodated 1.2M guests over 15 years serving nearly 80% of Fortune 500 companies and some of America’s most prestigious universities. New previously worked at KPMG, and served as a decorated United States Army Captain, with deployments in the Middle East and Bosnia-Herzegovina.


Patrick J Murphy

EXECUTIVE Chairman + Co-Founder


"We're changing the world. Passionate learners know how to harness the power of information and experience. When these pieces are brought to life, individuals and teams can realize their full potential."


A change agent passionate about education, leadership, and transitioning service members, U.S. Congressman Patrick Murphy coauthored the new G.I. Bill in 2008, allowing 1.5 million Post 9/11 veterans to attend college. As Under Secretary of the Army, he prioritized the Soldier for Life initiative helping transition troops and spouses and saving American taxpayers $340 million in 2016. Previously a professor a West Point and the University of Chicago, Murphy now serves as Distinguished Chair of Innovation at West Point.