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Enterprise Solutions Improve Business Performance and Compliance

What Our Clients Are Saying

"CHRISTUS Health Security has partnered with WorkMerk to create a custom security officer mobile application that allows us to further our mission."

Roy E. Alston

Vice President of Security at CHRISTUS Health

(Case Study)

"WorkMerk has been the best technological advancement that we've seen in residential care."

Roy Leitstein

CEO of Legacy Treatment Centers

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Client and contractor

Our Partners

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Case Study

WorkMerk's GUARDIAN solution has saved CHRISTUS officers over 60 minutes per shift, increasing officer productivity availability on patrol. This marked efficiency has provided CHRISTUS Health with return-on-investment of over $1 million in the first year.

Recent Announcements

Omnigo provides the world's leading public safety, incident reporting and security management software solutions.

WorkMerk has recently partnered with Omnigo enhance safety and reporting for their customers through our Guardian mobile application.

Paul Sarnese, CHPA, MSE, MAS, CAPM, Safety and Security Consultant and Past President IAHSS* serves as consultant and industry expert.

With Paul and Roy's collaboration and based on IAHSS standards WorkMerk is enhancing its Guardian application to provide special focus to workplace Violence issues, plaguing employees in the Healthcare industry.

WorkMerk has recently won a new Strategic Funding Increase and Tactical Funding Increase Program (STRATFI/ACFI) award.

The objective of this TACFI award is to build upon our already robust Readiness Platform by:

  • Connecting to Aeromedical Services Information Management System (ASIMS) via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to create appointment action lists that will generate individual (or group) appointment nudges.

  • Connecting to Military Personnel Data System (MilPDS) via API to populate the Readiness platform with a command's Alfa Roster and maintain an updated Alfa Roster as personnel rotate in and out of the command.


The platform shall comply with the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC).

The enhanced Readiness platform will improve the Air Forces' ability to project power through AFR and ANG.

Microshare creates Smart Building and operational data at scale that drive cost savings and efficiencies and improves safety, risk management and sustainability in commercial and public infrastructure of all kinds, producing real-time data where none existed.

WorkMerk has recently partnered with Microshare to leverage our Flagship solution to enhance the efficiency and speed by which operational data is communicated to key personnel.

omnigo & microshare

Improved Performance

GUARDIAN: Provides a return on investment based on efficiencies gained by utilizing our mobile application.

READINESS: Ensures airmen deployment readiness demonstrated by decreased no-shows and cancellations for medical check-ups by providing a de-confliction solution.

FLAGSHIP: Ensures standard of care compliance resulting in over three million check-ins following digitized checklists.

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