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3 Powerful Software Solutions:

    +Workplace Safe
    +Task Verify

WorkMerk's AI-Powered Readiness, Workplace Safety and Task Verification software solutions help military service members, security personnel and essential frontline workers to work safely and efficiently, prevent human error and access key information.

Some of our customers

What our customers are saying

"We have already shown a 75% increase in daily productivity by our security officers and are looking forward to expanding upon this tangible ROI."
Roy Alston,
VP of Security, Christus Health System
"WorkMerk's App has been the best technological advancement that we've seen in Residential Care.  The App helps assure that our clients are safe and continually monitored throughout their days."
Roy Leitstein,
CEO Legacy Treatment Centers
"I have the sincere pleasure of working with the WorkMerk Team over the last year.  They are in the business of making life easier for you and others around you."
Grace Kelly,
Adolescent Resident Services Director, Legacy Treatment Centers

By the Numbers

6 Million+


3 Million+

Checklists Scheduled


Incidents Reported

WorkMerk Readiness




The WorkMerk Readiness app keeps military service members connected to important activities taking place at their facilities, while off-base.

App users can also manage their medical and dental appointments, receive messages and update key training, plus skill information from their mobile devices.

The Readiness app provides tools to help service members optimize their career advancement opportunities by using an updateable Career Scorecard for enlisted and officer personnel.

Training and work experiences completed outside the military can also be added into the app to allow unit leaders and commands to have access to the full capabilities and strengths service members have that can used be used typically in times of emergency operations, such as national disasters.

WorkMerk Workplace Safe

Workplace Safe software is used by professional security officers to increase productivity and accountability, while giving visibility into daily operations.

The Workplace Safe app is used by security officers 24 hours per day to Log Daily Activity Reports (DARs), Report Incidents and Complete Vehicle Inspections.

WorkMerk's Workplace Safe App eliminates inefficient paper-based recording of important performance information. Using the App, security personnel easily and quickly enter Daily Activity Reports and record Vehicle Inspections.

The App is also used to generate serious Incident Reports that includes key information added from the location of an incident.  Supervisors reviewing reports can disapprove them and request corrections or additional information. Issues such as Workplace Violence can also be tracked together with other key data items to better plan security operations.

The app's messaging features allow officers to receive alerts messages, poll questions or feedback requests that they can respond to in real-time.

  • Eliminates paper
  • Geolocation (Latitude and Longitude) Tags
  • Date and Time of Record Creation

WorkMerk Task Verify

Real Time Checks

24/7 Check-Ins

Verify Tasks Done

WorkMerk's Task Verification software is used by personnel to track the whereabouts and activities of individuals under their watchful supervised care, typically in regulated behavioral health situations.

Supervisors also complete 'End of Shift' checklists following the completion of 8-hour shifts. 

WorkMerk's Task Verify solution is also very efficient for electronically completing all kinds of checklists, such as verifying completion of cleaning tasks at large office buildings.

Digitizing these functions makes a 24-hour, 365 day operations run smoothly and in compliance with stringent regulations.

Benefits of WorkMerk's platform

Powered by AI

WorkMerk's AI-Powered SaaS platform is used to track, monitor and validate worker performance .


The WorkMerk stack is highly scalable, allowing growing businesses to easily adjust their subscription levels and comfortably handle increased usage.


The WorkMerk application is accessible from any device with an internet connection and a web browser.  The software also includes robust off-line capabilities to allow them to work while not connected to the Internet, but synch back all collected data when reconnected.

Automatic Updates

The software automatically pushes down software updates, ensuring that users always have access.

Cross-Device Usage

WorkMerk's apps work on iOS and Android phone devices, tablets and desktop computers.

Lower Total Cost

With our SaaS platform, benefit from volume discounts and a limited spend on hardware and other peripherals.

WorkMerk is a Veteran-Owned Service-Disabled Company.

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