Task Verify App

Verifying completion of important tasks.

WorkMerk Task Verify App

Tracking Completion

The App is used for the following:

  • Scheduling important check-ins.  WorkMerk's software is used in supervised care settings where individuals need to be monitored throughout the day and night.
  • Scheduling of Checklists and tracking completion of assigned checklists is a key feature of this app.
  • Adding validation features such as sensors, barcode scanning, signature requirements and geolocation tagging are important additions to this software.

important Task Verification Challenges

Eliminates the inefficient use of paper.

Users access their tasks via an a mobile app.

Tracking can be done when a device does not have an Internet connection and then resync.

App-based dashboards keep managers constantly involved that checks or checklist items are being completed when expected.

WorkMerk Task Verify App

Checklist Assignment




The Checklist Module is used to list all checklists that need to be completed in a day.  The numbers of 'Yes' and 'No' responses are summed. 

Issues noticed during the checklist process can be logged into the Issues Sub-Module.  A Work Order can also be generated for issues that require additional services.

Cleaning supervisors can use app-based checklists to confirm that buildings are completely cleaned.

If issues are uncovered, they can be documented and converted into Work Orders in seconds.

When checking on supervised individuals, quick determinations can be marked with scanning to confirm someone has viually seen a person.

Task Verify Platform App and Portal

WorkMerk's Task Verify Software is used to help Military personnel be ready for deployment.


Check-Ins are pre-scheduled.

Task Updates

Scheduled tasks are updated at specified dates and times.


Managers have access to app-based and desktop-based dashboards to check in real time if assigned tasks are being completed when scheduled.

WorkMerk is a Veteran-Owned Service-Disabled Company.

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