Workplace Safe App

Used by professional security personnel to ensure public safety.

WorkMerk Workplace Safe Security App

-Daily Activity Reports
-Vehicle Inspections
-Incident Reporting

The App is used for the following:

  • Sending real-time alerts, poll questions and requests for feedback.
  • The Daily Activity Report feature is used by security personnel to record the specifics of daily rounding or patrols.
  • The Incident Reporting Module is the most powerful feature of this software.  It is used to record incidents with several key features such as tagging for seriousness, recording full descriptions, adding witnesses and suspects information, adding photos and much more.
  • The software also gives officers an ability to record vehicle inspections daily using an app and not a paper form
  • The software gives supervisors and operations teams full visibility on activities performed by security personnel through the day and night.

WorkMerk Workplace Safe Security App

Daily Patrol Log




Patrol Logs are part of the Daily Activity Reports Module and used to track details of security personnel activity throughout the day.

The software is also used to track the number of focused activities that are part of daily rounding, such as the number of: Foot Patrols, Reported Incidents, Service Calls, Special Assignments, Training, Vehicle Inspections, etc.

Key Incident ReportingFeatures

Eliminates inefficient paper based note-taking following incidents

Information captured in a structured format to minimize missing facts.

Includes the ability to capture photographs, video, diagrams and GPS locations.

If incidents are disapproved by supervisors, using the software's workflow features, an officer can be promptly notified to correct reports using his/her smart phone or iPad app and resubmit.

Workplace Safe Security Platform

WorkMerk's Security Platform is used to help Security personnel be efficient executing their important daily tasks keeping the workplace and members of the public visiting schools, hospitals, etc. safe.


The Messaging Module is used to send security personnel direct alert messages, poll questions and requests for feedback.

Daily Activity Reports

The Module is used to record rounding activities.

Gone are the days when security personnel had to take out a paper notebook or checklist to outline rounding activities and events.

Incident Reporting

This module is used to report and fully document serious (and often prosecutable) incidents.  The software includes workflow to approve or disapprove incidents.  There is also a key section used to highlight and track incidents of Workplace Violence.

The Workplace Safe App keeps officers eyes on Safety with no need for paper-based notebooks.

Christus Health Security eliminated inefficient paper-based systems and enhanced Public Safety for the Health System

Robust mobile apps or iPad devices were rapidly adopted by uniformed security officers for efficient daily use.

WorkMerk is a Veteran-Owned Service-Disabled Company.

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