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Workplace Safe 
For Christus Health Hospital Network, WorkMerk's Guardian App eliminates inefficient paper-based systems.  It is used by security personnel to enter Daily Activity Reports and record Vehicle Inspections.

The App is also used to generate serious Incident Reports that includes key information added from the location of the incident.

Core Features:
- Messages (Alert, Poll, Feedback)
- Daily Activity Reports
- Vehicle Inspections
- Incident Reporting
Task Verify App
For Legacy Treatment Services, the Task Verify WorkMerk App is used by personnel to track the whereabouts and activities of individuals under their watchful supervised care.

Supervisors can also complete 'End of Shift' Checklists following the completion of 8-hour shifts.  Digitizing this step makes a 24-hour, 365 day operation run smoothly and in compliance with stringent regulations.

Core Features:
- 24/7 357-day Monitoring with continuous half hour or hourly monitoring.
- End of Shift Checklists
- Sleep Studies
Readiness App
Keeping our military service members connected to activities taking place at their facilities while off-base is a key function of the WorkMerk Readiness App. 

App users can make medical and dental appointments, receive messages and update key training and skill information from their mobile devices while away from their facilities.

Core Features:
- Messages (Alerts, Polls, Feedback)
- Medical, Dental and Other Scheduling
- Non-Military Work Experiences Log
- Non-Military Training Log

WorkMerk is a Veteran-Owned Service-Disabled Company.

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