Readiness App

Expediting readiness for deployment.

Readiness App

Career Optimization 

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The Readiness App is used for:

  • Scheduling medical and dental appointments created by Medical Groups and Unit Health Monitors.  The app is also used to schedule non-medical appointments with powerful features to deconflict appointment times with operational or training activities.
  • Messaging Module used to send personnel direct alert messages, poll questions, and requests for feedback.
  • The Career Optimization Module is used to assist military personnel with maximizing career-related opportunities for promotion and rapid advancement.  The module documents completed training, professional skills and other work experiences gained inside or outside the military.

Readiness Challenges

Faster confirmation of medical, dental and other appointments.

Access to key alerts and other information when not on base.

Opens clear pathways for faster professional advancement and promotion.

Advanced de-confliction and prioritization of training and other activities.

Readiness App

Career Optimization




The Career Optimization Module is used to list and access key education, training and work experiences.

Using the Scorecard Submodule (shown to the left), important career advancement milestones are presented and tracked by military personnel to guide progress and ensure accomplishment.  The App has separate Scorecards for Officers and Scorecards for enlisted Personnel.

The Portal eliminates paper scheduling for medical, dental and other appointments

Personnel use the App manage appointments

Efficient scheduling leads to fast results

Readiness Platform Portal and App

WorkMerk's Readiness Platform is used to help Military personnel be ready for deployment.


The Messaging Module is used to send military personnel direct Alert Messages, Poll Questions and Requests for Feedback.  This type of access also improves overall engagement by military personnel with their unit leaders and top commanders.

Career Optimization

The Career Optimization Module is used to help service members grow their careers using Pathway Scorecards and other tools.

The software is also used to make commands  aware of additional skills service members have -- particularly skills that may be needed during emergencies.


The Scheduling Module is used by Medical, Dental and other units to create and send out scheduled appointments.  The process eliminates inefficient paper and email.

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