Features of the Workplace Safe App and Portal

Used by Professional Security Personnel to ensure Public Safety and Efficient Operations.


Sending and Receiving Important Messages.

  • Alert Messages: Send alert messages to military personnel when on or off-base.  Enable simple 'Got It!' response for receipt acknowledgement.  Types of alerts could include weather, security, appointment reminders, etc.  Alerts can also be sent as 'Urgent' or normal.
  • Poll Messages: Include a question with an expected 'Yes' or 'No' response.  Security officers can be polled as individuals, groups or all members of a facility.
  • Feedback Request Messages: Include a question with the ability for a recipient to reply with a free-form text or response dictated into the app.

Daily Activity Reports

Using an App instead of a notebook to record daily activities.

  • Schedulers can set up Medical, Dental or Other Appointment Events: Events can include date, time, expected required information, location, capacity, etc.
  • Turn on Appointments: This is where an appointment can be set for a specific date, time and location and individuals can either be assigned an invitation.  Military personnel could also be provided with an opportunity to self register.
  • Appointment Management: Appointments can be updated and cancelled easily.  Individuals can also be placed on waiting lists.  Two-way communication with schedulers can also be used.

Incident Reporting

Using an App to quickly record reportable incidents.

  • Report Incidents: An App, instead of a notebook is used to record incident details.  Key features include tagging incidents by type, seriousness, location, time, etc.
  • Listing of Witnesses, Complainants and Victims: Names and contact information can be added for each incident.
  • Adding photos: The app provides a great way to capture pictures of an incident scene.
  • All collected information is immediately available to supervisors or managers using the Portal

Vehicle Inspections

Record Vehicle Inspections using an App instead of paper.

  • Log Vehicle Inspections when starting a shift: Information captured includes the internal and external condition of the vehicle.  Mileage is also collected.
  • Complete Vehicle Inspections at the end of a shift: At the end of a shift, the vehicle inspection can be updated with an ending mileage added.
  • All collected inspection information is immediately available to supervisors using the portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Readiness App can be used on either iPhones or Android Devices.

Apps can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.  If you are registering for the first time, you will need a Security Access Code to successfully download the app.

If you enable notifications for the app, you can receive notifications when messages are sent to you or when you have an appointment scheduled.

The Portal is typically used by Supervisors and Administrators.

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